Whether you’re looking for an arbor to span a walkway, attach to a fence for an attractive entranceway or decorate a space in your garden, we have the easy to assemble kit you’re looking for.

Classic New England Architecture.

New England Arbors has arbor styles to fit any taste and property size. Some of our designs are stately, and others are elegant and graceful. Some have an iconic keystone and some have modern technology like solar lighting.

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Sizes for every property.

Your property is unique, so we’ve designed arbors for nearly every environment. Some arbors are designed to invite you down a quaint pathway. Others are large enough to accept a riding lawnmower into your back yard.

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Maintenance-free durability.

We’re positive that you’d rather spend more time enjoying instead of maintaining. Our pergolas have a 20 year warranty (10 year on California Redwood PVC) against rotting, cracking, yellowing or fading. They need no painting or staining. Simply wash with a garden hose. Being made from premium quality PVC, all of our products are completely insect resistant including termites.

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Look & Feel.

Our white PVC has the look of finely painted wood and has that classic clean look that New England is famous for. Our ‘California Redwood’ PVC is blended with real wood fibre and has a hand-brushed wood grain texture that you’ll never guess isn’t wood!

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  • Nantucket Legacy Arbor

An Open Invitation.

An arbor has a special way of inviting you into a comfortable space. A beckoning to a peaceful spot. A beautiful compliment to an even more beautiful bride.

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Showcasing our customers vision.

Enjoy some photos submitted by our customers. Remember, there’s a yearly photo contest where you can enter your photo here:

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