Having the perfect space is not an issue when adding a planter. Soil problems can be remedied with raised gardens, space issues by adding a deck planter, bending and ability issues with a raised planter. We have a wide variety of attractive planter kits.

Charming. Functional. Elegant.

New England Arbors planters and gardens are designed with form and function in mind. Some of our products are designed to provide growing areas in urban inner-city environments - like balconies or other hard to grow areas. Others help you plan your garden and maximize your vegetable production.

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Look & Feel

Our white PVC has the look of finely painted wood and has that classic clean look that New England is famous for. And some of our gardens have more decorative touches not found in many garden beds.

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Customer’s beautiful gardens.

Enjoy some photos submitted by our customers. Remember, there’s a yearly photo contest where you can enter your photo here:

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