Our Keyhole Garden – Part 3 – Composting

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 3 – Composting Part 3 is the fun part.  Here’s where you can add all of your kitchen scraps (except dairy or meat) to your compost tunnel instead of your waste container.  This magical process creates nutrient rich soil for your new vegetables reducing waste that goes into the trash … Continued

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 2 – Layering

July 24, 2014 Our Keyhole Garden – Part 2 – Layering The beauty of the Keyhole Garden is that common waste is compostable and can be used to start your garden.  This means some of your household waste like cardboard – and even 100% cotton t-shirts and cloths – can be used and will naturally … Continued

Our Keyhole Garden – Part 1 – Assembly

July 24, 2014 Our Keyhole Garden – Part 1 – Assembly. The first stage in creating our Keyhole Garden is to use common profiles that were available to us.  We want to create a Keyhole Garden kit for any North American homeowner to assemble and use easily and quickly. We do a great job in … Continued

Our Keyhole Garden – Introduction

Our Keyhole Garden Project – Introduction. Many decades ago, missionaries in Africa in partnership with local native communities came up with an ingenious way to grow crops in their specific environments.  Many of the local communities the missionaries were serving continually struggled with lack of rainfall – and as a result – poor soil conditions … Continued

Weekend Project: Plant a garden in a Raised Bed!

Last year 32 Million Americans grew a home vegetable garden,  and if garden trends are any indication that number will only increase. Not only do raised garden beds help to separate growing spaces from the surrounding landscape, they also add a finished look and architectural interest. Benefits of Raised Garden Beds: Can be filled with … Continued

Photo Contest – 2012

We’ve just wrapped up our 2012 Photo Contest. We had many wonderful, creative and charming entries and among them were these three which placed. First Place:   Second Place:    Third Place:   Congratulations to all of the winners! and Thank You to all of the entrants! undefined

Products in the wild: NYC

A savvy spotter sent us this snap of a whole slew of our Windsor long planter boxes hanging out on the patio at the Battery Gardens Restaurant in the financial district (Battery Park) in NYC. Battery Gardens Restaurant features great view of the Statue of Liberty and Governors island and all of the boats in … Continued

Small Space (or Urban) Gardening

Even without much space, you can still enjoy the delicious satisfaction of growing your own vegetables. Planters like the UrbanScape make it easy to create a vegetable garden in nearly any free space: a balcony, a patio or a deck. What to grow? The UrbanScape features growing holes for a hanging garden to grow below … Continued

Arbors are decorative lattice type structures that…

Arbors are decorative lattice type structures that creepers and vines can climb through and make it look more decorative. They make pleasing stand alone structures, also. Arbors create additional spaces for gardening, as they allow vines and climbers, to grow vertically through the latticework. Try This undefined undefined