These facts are Bananas!

In researching composting heavy hitters, there seemed to be not only a lot of uses, but a lot of interesting facts about Bananas. Botanically, Bananas are Berries The vivid yellow colour consumers normally associate with supermarket bananas is caused by an artificial ripening process. Bananas can be ordered by the retailer “ungassed” (i.e. not treated with … Continued

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How to find a pergola installer

How To Find an Installer for Your New England Arbor or Pergola: The beauty of our arbors and pergolas is that they are very DIY friendly, which means the average homeowner can install our vinyl pergolas or arbors with a bit of time and determination. However, we do have customers who want our pergolas but aren’t able to install … Continued


The Three Sisters

It’s not Olga, Maria and Irina, or even the Kardashians, but the symbiotic partnership between corn, pole beans and squash. This works because the pole beans climb the tall corn stalks, while helping secure the stalk since corn’s roots are shallow. Squash leaves provide living mulch to the other two plants, helping them retain moisture. … Continued


Dirt Fix

Dirt Fix There’s no reason you can’t garden anywhere – regardless of whether you live in a house with a huge yard, or an apartment with a balcony and an unhelpful dachshund. While not everyone has the space to grow pumpkins, even the minutest patio can hold a few pots for fresh spinach or beautiful … Continued

Sugar Snap Peas

Nitrogen Fixing in Peas

During the second week of April and observing the last quarter of the lunar cycle, we planted some sugar snap peas.  Peas are a member of the legume family, including beans, clover, vetch and alfalfa for example.  These peas are cold-tolerant and can be planted (direct sown) in prepared soil up to five weeks before … Continued


Things you can Compost.

It is estimated that about 24% of your daily waste can be composted. Over the year this can equate to nearly 500 lbs of compostable material that you could ultimately use for your garden! In addition, composting reduces what goes to the landfill resulting in less greenhouse gasses. When composting, try to alternate in layers … Continued

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The Ebb and Flow of Composting

One of the most fascinating things in gardening is the composting action. The way that Nature will naturally convert common kitchen waste into rich nutrients and vitamins to feed vegetables you would like to grow. I find this complete lifecycle of nature brilliant and self sustaining. When we started out with our Keyhole Garden Kit … Continued

Smith Homestead Layout

Meet Paul Smith, Organic Farmer Extraordinaire

Meet Paul & Jan Smith – Organic Farmers Extraordinaire. A few weeks ago I read an article about how a local Organic farmer was helping adults with developmental disabilities find therapy in gardening. After some digging, I quickly found their website which you can see here.  Paul and Jan have a very unique 84 acre … Continued

hand holding dirt

Our Keyhole Garden – Update August

In only a few weeks, we have found that our Keyhole Garden is growing vegetables very quickly.  You can see how tall the plants are growing already.  This is probably because of the rich nature of the soil. We have also noticed that the Keyhole garden really consumes the compost, and each day it seems … Continued